General Licenses


When you purchase any item on Animatiz Magix, it is covered by our standard license.

The copyright of any and all designs purchased in our stores or any platform where we sell remains the property of Animatiz Magix  

All designs purchased from/through Animatiz Magix are Standard licensed to you and for personal use only as a sole user, may not be resold, exchanged or redistributed commercially.

Personal and commercial licensing options are available for almost all images in Animatiz Magix. Commercial license fees may vary depending on the design/type of product.

You may not resell, distribute, transmit, share or give away the designs in their original format or altered in any way that the design can be extracted. 

Standard License Summary:

Personal Use License:

You are authorized to:

Use the designs, original or altered for your personal crafts.

Modify design elements, resize, subtract and add to design your own personal projects without any profit.

Transmit through your website or social networks how you use the original design to create your personal projects such as; do-it-yourself projects, crafts and/or tutorials.


Use the original designs on the pages of the website without protecting the image from being copied.

Upload our products to any file-sharing website for any purpose.

Commercial License:

You are authorized to:

Create physical end products (e.g., glasses, cups, or pieces of clothing) limited to 1000 products.

Download a design and print or transfer it unmodified on a physical item that you will then sell.

Download a design, modify it and print it or transfer it on a physical item that you will then sell.

Sell copies limited to 1000  physical products of thethat you have created with a design, in case you require more parts you will have to buy another license with the provisions of the first paragraph of this license.

The physical product can be sold worldwide through any point of sale such as; local business, Etsy, eBay or through its own website.

Create physical products to give away or as part of a promotion.

Create and sell physical products with the design.


Submit a digital copy of the original design with your physical item.

Make digital files available to third parties for download, or post them on POD platforms such as (Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, Zazzle, Teespring) for sale.

Use designs on web pages without protecting the image so that it is not copied.

Upload our products to any file sharing website for any purpose.

Use the designs for any harmful, pornographic, racial, offensive and/or any other means in order to incite violence, hatred, defamation, moral damage, discrimination and any other act that attempts against people .

License Terms

The final articles or products cannot be registered as a trademark in any territory. This license provides you with non-exclusive licenses. Products can be downloaded and used by other users just like you, so you cannot claim them as exclusive ownership.

The copyrights belong to Animatiz Magix and to the brands associated with it, such as Sublimatiz Designs, for which reason they have the property and intellectual property rights of the product, with the provisions of the Federal Copyright Law, making it clear that you acquire only a license of use and not a right over the product.

Any of our products purchased through our Animatiz Magix store and that are available in any of our different stores in a design Marketplace such as Creative Fábrica (Animatiz Magix) or So Fontsy (Sublimatiz Designs) they will enjoy the same license that is manifested in the platforms.

Digital files downloaded for Free will be licensed for personal use only. This excludes products purchased through promotions, offers, coupons and/or contests.

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